Dos and Dont’s during a Zoom meeting

The coronavirus pandemic has spurred the adoption of distance learning, which includes online meetings.

Online tools make the communication easier from anywhere in the world. So, in response to the significant demand,
our training center changed course and now focuses mainly on our online learning platforms, where you can find over 100 maritime courses, STCW and continuous education based on  the IMO and the specifications of highly esteemed international organizations.

With the increase in consumption of courses based on productivity tools like Ζoom, it’s important to remember that here’s a right way and a not so right way to meet virtually, just like meeting in person. So, here are some Dos and Dont’s to remember for your next Zoom meeting:

1) Do look directly into the camera | Don’t look at yourself

When using video conferencing software, it’s easy to fall into the trap of staring at yourself on camera.
In a remote world where we’re having more video calls than ever, things we take for granted in in-person meetings all
of a sudden become important. It’s important that when in a Zoom meeting, you make eye contact with the camera and avoid
looking at yourself.

Tips: Do spend some time playing around with the video setting in Zoom, before the meeting.
If you’re using a webcam, position your camera at the top of your computer, be sure to place it at eye level.
Consider what’s in the background in order there is nothing distracting for the other meeting attendees.
Turn off self-view, so you don’t have to see yourself during the whole call.

2) Do mute yourself when you’re not speaking | Don’t make unwanted noise

One of the most commonly asked questions on a video call is: Can everyone hear me?

There are times when you want to be heard, and times you don’t. Because of this, it’s crucial that you
mute your microphone when it’s not your turn to add to the conversation.In this way, we achieve the smooth conduction of the online meeting by eliminating the background noises.

3) Do be seen | Don’t hide from the world

Turn your camera on, show up, and trust that your contribution matters. Engage in the conversation,
and make comments or ask questions throughout the meeting when it is an appropriate time to.

Don’t stay silent!
Not participating in zoom conversations makes it awkward for the host, especially if everyone else is doing it too

4) Do address tech issues before the meeting | Don’t log in without testing video & audio before the call

No matter how hard we work to avoid them — tech issues are going to happen.
Whether your headphones decide to stop working, the mic has timed out, your camera won’t turn on,
or your internet is spotty, these annoyances are often out of our control.
Tip: Try logging into the Zoom meeting a few minutes early to ensure all of your equipment is working properly.

5) Last but not least:
Do make sure you have a strong internet connection | Don’t freeze or glitch during your meeting

Don’t ignore to check out your internet connection and your distance from your WiFi router before the Zoom meeting.
Tip: Don’t download/upload during the meeting or use other apps, so as not to disconnect.

So, before your next Zoom Online Course, make sure to look good, be professional, and don’t distract everyone else.
Remember, even if it’s through a screen, a Zoom course is still a course at QMS Maritime Training Center!

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